Maine Today Media

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Gawron Turgeon Architects to provide a space needs analysis for MaineToday Media’s Portland Press Herald downtown and Gannett Drive locations to determine the square footage for current and future needs.

Gawron Turgeon Architects provided numerous test fits and helped MaineToday Media select their new location at One City Center.

The design of the offices was quite complex, spanning different floors and requiring a phased move. As a business that operates 24 hours a day, every day, it was critical that all departments continued to operate.

Program elements include multi-media conference rooms, News Room, Finance and Human Resources Departments, Advertising Department, staff lunch room as well as high tech computer and technology suite. A landscape of desking work areas and glass partition walls at offices and conference rooms support MaineToday Media’s vision of transparency and collaboration.

This innovative new space is an efficient, well planned, work environment that will promote flexible, diverse, and collaborative work spaces. Innovative ideas included multi-media feature walls, advance technology demonstrating the Portland Press Herald’s production of the paper, bright colors, interesting architectural forms, furnishings that support how people work, and quality and efficient lighting.